Inpatient Service

In our hospital, we take a patient under inpatient admission if the patient demonstrates signs and/or symptoms severe enough to warrant then need for medical care and must receive services of such intensity that they can be furnished safely under Medicare in the hospital.

Those children who are sick and require regular monitoring and by the medical staff are admitted to the dedicated dedicated pediatrics in-patient area which includes both twin sharing rooms and single rooms. Very sick children who require close monitoring are managed in the dedicated neonatal and pediatric intensive care unit.

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+251 22-1-11-98-00

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Our Inpatient Service

Patients have the liberty to choose from our fully furnished and well attended inpatient rooms. Based on their comfort and financial capability.Regardless of the type of room, all rooms are fully furnished and equipped with the latest medical equipment to take care of patient admitted to the hospital.

Twin Sharing Rooms

Cost effective, well-appointed fully furnished twins- sharing rooms offer the best value for money.

Single Rooms

Elegant, comfortable single rooms where your privacy is guaranteed are next in value to twin sharing rooms.
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