Sr. Akelsia's Biography

1.The Early Years

Sisters Aklsia Gebrehiwot was born on September 9, 1948 in Addis Ababa, but was raised in Ethiopia’s northern town of Gonder where her father GebrehiwotBelet, presided as judge In the imperial court the Gonder region. Her father valued education and his daughter to pursue and excel in her education studies, an uncommon tradition for young during this time.

At the age of 8 Akelisia lost her mother due to complication in childbirth. This forced young Aklesia, the oldest of three children, to become the primary care taker of the younger siblings, and eventually strengthened the nurturing skills that would later become so critical in her profession of choice-nursing. After witnessing the primitive so critical in her rendered to her mother, Aklsia was keenly motivated to enter the health professional.
Soon after completing primary school, Aklesia joined the princess Tsehay memorial hospital school of nursing education in Addis Ababa. Aklisea graduated at the age of 18 having received her diploma in nursing and assumed the title of “Sister” the customary title of a registered nurse in Ethiopia.

Shortly after graduating Sr. Aklsia married MogesAlemu, also a recent graduated from the nearby technical college. Together the young couple began professional careers Sr Aklsia as a nurse at the Swedish pediatrics hospital and her husband (mogesalemu) at Ehiopian airlines. In time they parented 6 children and took residence in several cities throughout Ethiopia.


  1. Professional career

Sr. Aklesia was a devoted mother and equally dedicated to her profession. At a time when women had many professional constraints. Sr. Aklesia was encouraged by her devoted husband to pursue her career throughout motherhood.

This allowed her to complete over 30 continuous years in the nursing profession with tenure at several renowned medical institutions throughout Ethiopia. Including among these institutions are Harare Ras Makonnen Hospital, Tuberculosis Center of Addis Ababa, Jima RasDesta Hospital, Princess Zenebework Leprosy Hospital and finally Gandhi Memorial Hospital where Sr. Aklesia retired in 1988.

In 1988 Sr. aklesia traveled to Lusaka, Zambia, where her husband was appointed to serve within Ethiopian Airlines team of consultants to Zambia Airways. Unaccustomed to being idle and recognizing the need for health care workers in Lusaka, Sr. aklesia began volunteering her service in nursing at local clinics within Lusaka.

  1. Passions and dedicated service

Sr. aklesia’s commitment to her profession was matched only by her passion to serving GOD. A devout Christian, Sr. aklesia was deeply sensitive to the poverty and illness pervasive in her community. This motivated her to participate in a number of outreach activities in Addis Ababa including feeding the poor each week at her local church and often offering her service as a health worker when opportunities arose. Her strong faith in GOD also allowed her to act as a counselor and encourager of downhearted and discouraged among family as well as friend, gaining her respect and loyalty among many in her community.